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Phoenix Durban

‘Tashna R’ recently released her 16 track album which is taking Durban by storm.

Twenty-one-year-old songstress and electric engineering student, Tashna Ramnarain, also known as ‘Tashna R’ recently released her 16 track album which is taking Durban by storm.
Tashna R released her first single titled ‘Wasted Heart’ in September 2018, followed by her album Sapphire on November 2018.  This jack of all trades is a solo singer, songwriter, musician and a guitarist.
Ramnarain, who completed her primary and high school career in Phoenix, first performed and won a radio singing competition at the tender age of three. It was in 2011 that she won another radio singing competition called ‘Curtain Raiser.’ It was at age 11 that she started writing her own songs.
Speaking to the Phoenix Sun, Tashna R described her lyrics as ‘’clean.’’  “I chose to not use vulgar language in my lyrics. It has never been who I am,” Ramnarain said.
Having worked closely with Tashna R during the recording of her album Sapphire, which took two year to complete, her manager, Harry  Ramsunkar, confidently described Tashna R as a highly-skilled song writer.

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“Tashna R is a lyrical genius and is a great songwriter. She has penned down more than 500 songs,” Ramsunkar said.
“She has a knack for turning hypothetical and real situations into words and melodies, while using her personal viewpoint to turn experiences that will be recognised by music lovers,” Ramsunkar explained.
“Sometimes the lyrics just happen,” the pop singer said while opening up about her writing process. The multi-talented vocalist draws her inspiration from what people say and do. Her inspiration brings her closer to what she describes as a full song writing binge.
The young muso said she gets fascinated by how she can create something from nothing. “I will never stop writing, it has become part of my soul,” the rising star said.
The album Sapphire is available on Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Amazon, Soundcloud and other music platforms. A music video was also released on Youtube for her song titled ‘Wasted Heart’.
“We invite the listeners of East Coast Radio and for locals to request for the radio station to play Tashna R’s music, as this will be a great start for her music career,” Ramsunkar said.


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