Phoenix triple murder accused abandons bail application

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Phoenix triple murder accused abandons bail application

Phoenix Durban

The accused, Colin Pillay hiding his face from the cameras in court.

Emotions ran high after triple murder accused, Colin Pillay, made a plea to his attorney for his bail application to be postponed.
Pillay (45), a tow truck driver, was arrested and charged for the alleged triple murder of Jane (44), Denisha (22) and Rackelle (16) Govindsamy.
As chants for no bail permeated through the courtroom from protesters outside the premises, the accused, dressed in a short-sleeved denim jacket, was led to the dock, hiding his face with his hands as the media attempted to take his picture.
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Lawyer of the accused, Chris Gounden, stated that the defence was unable to proceed with the bail application because their application to review statements made by the accused was refused in his initial court appearance.

“The accused is entitled to statements that were purportedly made by him. In the absence of those statements, it won’t be proper to proceed with the bail application, as the bail application falls within schedule 6 of the bail legislation, which requires the accused to prove exceptional circumstances why he should be released. Hence, we are considering appealing the decision made by Magistrate Khalil,” he told Magistrate Ncumisa Gcolotela, who has now replaced Magistrate Irfaan Khalil in handling the matter.
The victims in happier times.
Prosecutor, Rakesh Singh, requested Gcolotela postpone the matter for further investigations as the State was still awaiting a report on DNA evidence.
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Gcolotela postponed the matter to November 28. The accused will remain in custody at Westville Prison.
Member of Parliament and co-chairman of the Joint Committee on Ethics and Member Interests, Omie Singh, submitted a affidavit in which he stated, “The community has expressed outrage and condemnation of the callousness and diabolical conduct of the accused and has sought my intervention as a public official to make representation to the Magistrate hearing the bail application to deny bail to the accused that he may be remanded in custody pending his trial.”
Singh added, “It is requested that the court acts in the interest of the community by protecting it.”
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