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JOBLESSNESS, crime and lack of opportunities to better the
lives of people.These were the burning issues that ANC President Cyril
Ramaphosa was greeted with when he embarked on a door-to-door campaign in
Diepsloot North Joburg.The family of Potele in one of the houses the President
visited, told Ramaphosa of how bad crime is in the area.They also told him that criminals go to the extent of
jumping their high wall fences and rob them in their yards.Few houses away, the Mbuthuma family touched on crime, but
their main issue was unemployment.President Ramaphosa with Zanele and Khehla Mbuthuma. Photo by Christopher MoagiKhehla Mbuthuma told Ramaphosa that they don’t want to rely
on the government for everything.He said they just want jobs so they can be able to provide
for themselves.“We are educated, we have diplomas and degrees, but what’s
the point of having them when we are just sitting here.President Ramaphosa listens to the concerns of the Potele Family on crime in area. Photo by Christopher Moagi“The crime in the area emanates from the issue that people
don’t have jobs and they don’t have money.”Ramaphosa said the issues raised in the area were being
dealt with.“They are raising issues about matters that we are working
on, housing is one and we’ve got a massive housing campaign that we are running
here.“The issue of jobs, we’ve explained to them the efforts that
we are making. Crime is a big issue here, that’s why we told them we are going
to embark various major campaigns to get rid of crime in the area,” he said.For dealing with crime in the area, Ramaphosa promised that
he will ask Minister of Police Bheki Cele to intervene because when he does so,
crime subsides.On ANC Support in the area Ramaphosa said support for the
ANC in Diepsloot is deep and resides in the hearts of the locals.“I am confident that the ANC here in Diepsloot will do
extremely well.”He said according to the survey they’ve done in the area, support
for the ruling party is at a very high level.The queue for T-shirts at the park where president Ramaphosa addressed the masses. Photo by Christopher MoagiAt the park were Ramaphosa was going to address the
community, thousands gathered to hear his addresses, but most of them spent
better half of their time queueing for t-shirts.The Alexandra blame game continues.Yesterday, DA Leader Mmusi Maimane blamed the ANC to be the
master minds behind the Alexandra Shut Down.Ramaphosa pointed the finger at Joburg Mayor Herman Mashaba.He said, “The people there are really complaining about
service delivery issues, they’ve been asking and pleading with the mayor
(Herman Mashaba) to go and address them.“They are focusing on the Metro (COJ) which has all the
capabilities of addressing issues.“We urging the local government to pay heed to addressing
the needs of our people,” he said.

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