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Planning to win – lessons from the Currie Cup | Phoenix Sun

Phoenix Durban

The 2019 Currie Cup has just kicked off and for the seven premier division teams, this isn’t the start of their campaign but the end of months of training and preparation.
Any Currie Cup coach will tell you that winning the 130-year old tournament has as much to do with the planning, conditioning and practice that’s done pre-season as the effort the players put in after the first whistle blows.
“Planning to win is essential. You simply can’t expect to compete if you don’t,” said Blue Bulls coach, Pote Human.
The same is true of managing your money, said Marlies Kappers, a chief marketing officer at a South African financial institution.
You need a financial game plan.
Here are some of tips for getting ahead in the money game: 
Understand the rules
You can’t compete if you don’t understand the rules and what happens if you break them. A team that keeps making the same mistakes will concede points and will get yellow carded when the referee’s patience runs out. Poor discipline loses matches, which could ultimately see a team relegated.
The same can happen financially. If you’re not good about re-paying loans or other debts on time and according to the terms of the agreement, you’ll lose points on your credit score.
Think of your credit score as your personal league table. Financial institutions, banks, landlords, even prospective employers can look at it to see how consistently you’re performing. A good credit score means you’re financially responsible.
Being near the top of the table has advantages. It means you should be able to access finance more easily and may even be offered lower interest rates.
Think beyond the next match
Coaches plan for the season, not just the next match. They consider the difficulties of travelling, winning away from home, injuries and the many other details that can make or break a successful campaign.
When considering your financial game plan, think about where you want to be in the next five or ten years.

You can then start thinking about what you need to do to achieve those goals. It may mean reducing what you owe, cutting back on household expenses, putting off buying a new car or even investing in your education.
A coach with an eye on winning the trophy at the end of the season might caution his players about the need to keep training hard after a few early home wins. He might also need to think about injury niggles and which players to rest so he can select them in crucial games.
Having a long-term financial plan, being realistic about achieving it and setting some goals along the way, will make it easier not to get side-tracked by short-term distractions and to deal with the inevitable setbacks.
Know the game and build a good technical team
No coach wins the Currie Cup on his own. A good coach will study the game, the latest tactics and surround himself with specialists in scrumming, lineouts, kicking, fitness and even sports psychology.
There’s plenty of free financial information available in the media and online.
After listening to some financial radio shows or doing a few quick searches you’ll soon find where to access the best information that’s most relevant to you.
If you’re still not sure you’re on the right track once you’ve read up a bit, test your thinking with a registered independent financial advisor.
“Teams don’t win the Currie Cup by chance. They know and understand the rules, plan for the whole season, not just the next game, make sure they’re well informed and have the best technical support. The same principles apply to a winning financial game plan,” added Marlies.
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