Plans to curb power outages in Centurion west – Centurion Rekord

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Plans to curb power outages in Centurion west – Centurion Rekord

Phoenix Durban

Ahmed Kadwa, Yusuf Abramjee, Marika Kruger-Muller
together with Abel Tau and Amore Jooste.
Photo: Supplied

The Tshwane metro is to take measures to stabilise electricity supply to the community of greater Raslouw and areas in the west of Centurion.
This comes after the Centurion residents held a march in protest against the ongoing outages.
Utility services MMC Abel Tau said that in 2018, the city had embarked on a programme to stabilise and improve electricity supply to the area.
“We wanted to do so firstly, by commissioning the new Peachtree sub-station, and carrying out a number of upgrades to the Raslouw sub-station (which currently stands at 80 percent completed),” he said.
Tau said another problem was that the cable network was connected to the overhead lines network “and overhead lines network is exposed to stormy weather and tree branches”.
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“Unfortunately when a trip occurs on the overhead lines, the area outages increased exponentially,” he said.
The electricity department and Tau said the following steps would be taken to reduce the number of electricity outages:
· Introducing an on-line monitoring system at the Raslouw substation during the next financial year.
· Replace copper cables with aluminium cables.
· Switching the overhead cable network to the underground after the copper to aluminium replacement programme is completed.
. Repair and normalise the abnormal cable network.
· Intensifying the city’s tree pruning programme.

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Tau said progress on the maintenance and upgrade to the network would be communicated to the residents as soon as the steps were completed.
“Although the city has pruned trees in a number of streets, efforts need to be intensified to clear overhead electricity lines during the rainy season. The majority of trips caused by tree branches shorting overhead lines are by trees planted in private properties.
“The city calls on all residents in the area to abide by the electricity by-laws, and prune all trees which are causing interference or endangers the electrical distribution system, ” Tau said.
Ward councillor Marika Kruger Muller said the stability of the electricity network during the transition from overhead to underground network required a collective effort from both the city and its residents.
“By working together we will secure electricity supply to the greater Raslouw area, and greatly reduce frustration levels in our ward.”
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