Please dont take credit for Gangwatch work

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I can understand the focus is to erect gates but please don’t lie to the people this is not the true story. The owner of the Nissan centre send the video and pictures of the crime scene to Gang watch we made the post viral, however the owner never lay down and keep on updating us about the whereabouts of this car i ask the police in our groups to act upon this information but most of them are busy with gang violence i then did my own investigation and follow the guys with the stolen car i couldn’t approuch them till where the car was park off in Amber court Gatesville at that stage the residents in Amber court wasnt even know where the car was stolen.. one suspect lift the bonnet and remove the battery. When the suspects moved i took pictures and send it to the owner and ask her if its her car the answer was positive i gave her the location of the car and notify the police on our groups aswell as flying sqaud members. WE WORK HARD AND DONT WANT RECOGNITION. Just relay the truth to the public which is Gatesville neighbourhood watch wasn’t even present when the vehicle was recovered because myself was monitoring the scene till the owner arrived and some time after that police came.

However we work against crime and know of a group of people robbing in that area we suggest the neighbourhood watch to stop taking credit and relay the truth and become proactive because most of that cases never reaches the police station. We the ones that do undercover work to get that suspects arrested. To date that a car that was also stolen in Gatesville in the court next to Amber court a toyota slant front a while ago was stolen by this same syndicate we couldn’t save that car however.

The story in the voice

Gatesville residents are pleading with the Human Settlements department to erect gates amid the ongoing dumping of stolen vehicles at their flats.

Fowzia Veerasamy of the Gatesville Neighbourhood Watch says the flats, which are owned by the department, are the perfect hiding place for skelms.
Last Thursday, residents living in Amber Court reported an abandoned white Nissan Sentra to police.
“Each time they find vehicles in Phase 2 and 3 and we phone the police, they find the vehicles were stolen or hijacked,” she says.
“The discs and number plates of the Nissan were removed and nobody knew who left it there because the skelms come at night. The police came on Monday and removed it and confirmed it was stolen.”
In November, police removed a Ford in Diamond Court and a BMW found in Jasper Court.
Veerasamy says the lack of gates gives criminals easy access.
Department spokesperson, Muneera Allie, says they are not aware of the latest issues.
“The department has not received a recent request for gates. Approximately five years ago, the department liaised with the community to put up fencing,” says Allie.
“We offered to place vibracrete fencing with one gate at each block. “Residents, however, did not agree to one gate per block and requested multiple entrances with electric gates.

The department advised the community that it could only afford to place the fence and one manual gate per block.

“The department proceeded to place the vibracrete fence and made allocations for multiple entrances per block. While the need for gates is acknowledged, the department was not able to place electric gates at all entrances at the time.”


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