Police in Port Elizabeth have once again appealed to social media users to refrain…

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Police in Port Elizabeth have once again appealed to social media users to refrain…

Port Elizabeth

Police in Port Elizabeth have once again appealed to social media users to refrain from posting unverified information on social media sites.

“This follows after two unrelated incidents were circulating on social media platforms on Wednesday warning community members of incidents of kidnapping of children in and around the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro – Port Elizabeth, Motherwell and Uitenhage,” said police spokesperson, Col Priscilla Naidu.

“Police will also like to allay fears on social media that no truck was stopped that was used in transporting of children on suspicion of trafficking between Nanaga and Port Elizabeth, however police wish to state that a small van was stopped that was conveying illegal immigrants.

“The case is being dealt with by the Hawks.”

Col Naidu said that there are a lot of information circulating around the abduction of children, “and we acknowledge your fear as parents”.

“Police would like to commend the public on their vigilance regarding safety while at the same time we must be cautious how information is relayed on social media without verification,” she added.

“Distortion of facts can have dire consequences and cause unnecessary panic and mayhem in the community. Social media is an important communication platform and assist police in combatting crime and arresting criminals.”

Col Naidu said that the South African Police Service assures the community that continuous awareness and educational talks on the safety of our children are done at schools and institutions.

“An urgent appeal is made to people in instances where you suspect a crime may have been committed or anything suspicious to contact the police first to verify such information,” she said.

“In cases where children are involved, the Family Violence Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit (FCS) may be contacted as well as the sector manager of your particular area.

“Discuss your concerns and let us together make informed decisions before posting on social media. Be assured that all information is treated with the utmost urgency.”


SAPS dismisses social media claims that truck was stopped at Nanaga with trafficked children. Read more>>> https://bit.ly/2wNvTCh

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One comment on “Police in Port Elizabeth have once again appealed to social media users to refrain…

  1. I feel for the families, and my heart bleeds for the pain those kids go through in the hands of their abductors. But, like most things in our lives, we learn from painful lessons. For way too long, the police have warned ppl to stop leaving things in their cars, keep your homes locked, keep an eye on your kids, etc.. yet we kept reading and seeing how lax many communities and ppl were, forgetting to heed any warnings. Now with the flow of crime, ppl waking up. It seems fear has finally awakened mother hood too. Maybe its a good thing, so that all those laaitjies who had to walk to and from school alone, can finally have a safe trip, and all those toddlers who are pushed into the roads to go play outside, are being monitored and loved. Yes, many kids were just ornaments, but thanks to awareness and the fear of abductions and rape, our kids might just enjoy another day if we keep eyes and ears open to all that is happening in our communities. Dont leave your kids alone.. you cant turn back the clock when evil has struck.

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