Property owner speaks out on tenant eviction nightmare | South Coast Sun

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Property owner speaks out on tenant eviction nightmare | South Coast Sun

Phoenix Durban

The house on the left where the Fouries were living in Rockview Road.

Another property owner has come forward with allegations that the Fourie family defrauded her and she had to resort to costly legal procedures to evict them from her Emoyeni Drive property.
Elise O’Brien, who lives in the UK, contacted the SUN after reading the article on the Fouries published on 12 July to say she was taken to the brink of bankruptcy by Johan and Lana Fourie. “I had a dream to retire on 1 May and return to South Africa. The Fouries destroyed that dream by occupying my house for 14 months and claiming the PIE Act (Prevention of Illegal Eviction from and Unlawful Occupation of Land Act).
“They did not pay for rent and utilities, which I’m still paying off, nor the upkeep of the garden and pool, and I had the expense of a legal eviction to get them out. I had many sleepless nights thanks to those two. My savings are gone, as I had to pay for my bond and pool. As I have another property and Metro billed both properties on one bill, I ended up having to pay their bill on an installment plan to prevent the other tenant from being disconnected.
“Although the court ruled that they had to pay the legal fees, I had to pay the solicitor up front and they still have not reimbursed me. The cost of repairs and cleaning up after they left drained me mentally and financially. I am a pensioner who had a dream of returning to my home to retire. This dream is shattered, as I don’t think I will ever recoup what I lost.
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“An estate agent, like the Fouries claim they are, is someone a person is suppose to trust – not someone moves into your property and them claims the PIE Act while still working for a prominent agency, selling and renting properties. Lana ran her estate agency from the house, which was against the terms of the lease.
“They broke into an area of the house which did not fall under their lease, where I had stored my furniture. They removed most of the furniture and turned the room into a bedroom for their grandson, all without asking and when they were evicted, some of the items went with them.
“They never paid the first month’s rent, claiming that the house was not fit for occupation and repairs needed to be done. Some of the repairs they did do, but took the improvements with them when they left. They even took the light globes, which proves what kind of people they are. I have never in my life dealt with such arrogant and conniving leeches and I hope I never will again,” said Elise.

The court evicted the Fourie family from Elise’s property, giving them 15 days from 28 February to move out. They then rented Al and Margie Beatham’s property at 47 Rockview Road. The Beathams allege the Fourie family also defrauded them and stole items from their property.
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A third property owner, who wished to remain anonymous for his safety, said he also had to resort to the court to evict the Fouries from his property. “A certain property was let to them by myself and I can confirm this is their modus operandi. I obtained an eviction order against them for outstanding rent to the value of R45 000, upon which they broke into a locked storeroom which was full of building equipment probably to the value of R4 000 to R5 000 and disappeared with it.
“I then went to the police station in Toti after a tip-off and when the detectives typed in Johan’s ID number, what a surprise I got. He was out on bail from Westville prison. Needles to say I understood the whole scenario a lot better.
“I took them to court, but they declared bankruptcy and submitted a five page document to the court to say what a bad state the house was is and why should they pay rent for accommodation which was ‘below’ their standard of living. These guys are expert fraudsters and are known by local letting agents as the tenants from hell.”
Response from Johan Fourie:
“So this is the reward for a man trying to make an honest living. Losing all his earthly possessions, even clothes, there is this urgent need to also destroy his dignity. We know what the truth is, we will no longer defend ourselves against this onslaught, it too shall come to pass. A huge thank you to our true friends and family who still believe in us.”

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