Provincial police warn homeowners against robbers

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Phoenix Durban

Provincial police have once again issued a serious warning to residents to be alert at all times and not allow strangers into their homes.
The latest warning comes after reported incidents in the province whereby criminals gain entrance into properties under false pretences and thereafter, rob occupants.
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Provincial police spokeswoman, Col Thembeka Mbhele said, “Often, the suspects will arrive clad in blue work wear and when the victims open the gate, they will then be robbed of their valuables.”
The community need to be cautious and alert at all times, according to Col Mbhele.

“Do not let the strangers into your home, ask for identity document or work identification card as proof of employment,” she added.
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There is a trend where criminals arrive in luxury vehicles and hoot at the gates.
Most often, the owners never check before opening the gates. Criminals are employing this modus operandi as they are aware that most residents are very lax.
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