Pupils exposed to digital world – Zululand Observer

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Pupils exposed to digital world – Zululand Observer

Phoenix Durban

Watching virtual reality videos brought much excitement for Ngqamzane Primary School pupils

LEARNERS were exposed to the digital space during digital skills workshops at various locations last Friday.
The Pop-up Technohub was presented at Thuthukani Special School first, and then moved to Ngqamzane Primary School in Dlangubo.
A third workshop was held in ward 16 in eSikhaleni.
Learners also had the opportunity of flying drones with AlgoAtWork Chairman, Kirk Lynch
Expert interacted with more than 300 learners and took them on a crash course on ‘Internet-of-Things’.
They learned more about everyday internet connections, the purpose of automation and robotics, as well as the basics of coding and programming.
Learners also had the opportunity to fly drones and watch videos through virtual reality.
Excited about leaning about the digital space are pupils of Thuthukani Special School
The educational drive was spearheaded by Algorhythmlab in partnership with Victoria Wenzelmann from Global Innovation Gathering, and supported by Richard’s Bay Industrial Development Zone (RBIDZ).

‘The main purpose was to create an element of excitement, curiosity, experiential learning and creativity among our young learners at disadvantaged schools.

‘These activities are the building blocks necessary to change the content and approach to education, particularly the poor rural areas and townships,’ said Langa Zulu of Algorhythmlab.


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