R2.5m in forged money found at Emdeni

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R2.5m in forged money found at Emdeni

Eldorado park Johannesburg

Naledi police going through the money they found.

Police recovered fake money in Soweto that amounts to the value of R2.5 million at an elderly man’s household last week Tuesday.
Local police from Naledi Police Station received a tip-off about an elderly man who allegedly is in possession of large sums of money.
The police then followed up on the tip-off and went to the alleged house in Emndeni and when they searched the house, they found a photocopy machine which further added to their suspicion.
Upon further searches around the house, the police found fake money that may amount to more than R2.5million.
Police counting the money they found.
Upon contact with the police, the owner of the house who is a 66-year old man, alleges that the money does not belong to him and belongs to someone else.

He was then arrested by the police on the scene and he will appear at the Johannesburg Commercial Crime Court on Thursday to face fraud charges.
In addition, the police like to warn street vendors to be careful when someone is buying from them especially those who buy using one and two hundred rand bank notes because in most cases street vendors don’t have the necessary machine to check whether the bank notes are fakes or real money.
The Naledi Police would also like to applaud the community of Emdeni for coming forward with this information and bringing it to the police. Residents should also remember that the police can only be successful if the community works hand in hand with the police.
This printer was found at the house where the money was also found.
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