Rat causes R154,000 damage to Porsche

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Not all comprehensive insurance policies cover damage caused by rodents, so car owners would do well to check.

“Our office does receive complaints about this issue,” said Ayanda Mazwi, senior assistant ombudsman with the ombudsman for short-term insurance.

“The matters are dealt with having regard to the terms of the policy and the facts of each particular case,” she said.

She advised consumers to find out exactly what form of animal-created damage they are and aren’t covered for.

Jeanette Smith (not her real name) of Blairgowrie lost her Subaru Impreza 1.5 to rats last August. “We went on holiday, left my car in the garage and boom, party time for rats,” she said. While driving the vehicle on her return, the coolant light came on, and the dealership later discovered the head gasket had blown.

“My insurer, Outsurance, wrote off the car because the repair bill was higher than the value of the car. I was devastated.”

Christo Kruger, group PR manager for Porsche Centre SA, said the shift towards more “environmentally sourced” insulating materials in cars may be a contributing factor to rats feasting on car engines.

“Rats are attracted to noise insulating materials in cars which make nifty places to raise their young, at an alarming rate,” he said.

“Rubber hoses are also not immune to gnawing rats and mice. This could lead to failure of, for example, a water pipe in the engine, and without an observant driver keeping a watchful eye over the heat gauge, this could lead to more serious engine failure.”

Garages were often a “dumping ground” for household items, he said, which attracted rats.

“It’s important to clean your garage often, thus ensuring these environments are less attractive for mice and rats. Humane traps could also be placed in a garage to reduce the risk of damage to your car.”

Kruger said that as vehicle electronics become more sophisticated and complex, replacement of complete wiring systems will become increasingly expensive. “Prevention is better than cure.”

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