Residents of Eldorado Park are raged by alleged kidnapping

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Eldorado park Johannesburg

Eldos boys getting ready to light the tyre up.

Have you ever seen the people who walk around with trolleys, collecting plastic bags? Well, they are informally known as Laplanders according to the Eldorado Park community.
So what about these Laplanders you ask? Well, according to some members of the community they had allegedly tried to kidnap a primary school girl from Eldorado Park Primary School on Friday, March 16.
It is not confirmed which school the girl attended as the pupils were apparently wearing civvies (normal clothing – not school uniform).
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Some say they saw the girl’s leg hanging out the bag, others say they heard screaming, however, the true story has not been told.
Nobody really knows what the truth is because the girl’s identity is not known and the parents of the victim have not been to the police station to lay a charge.
The Eldos community took matters into their own hands as they were involved in a mob justice case where they beat the two alleged suspects to a pulp.
Videos went viral quickly throughout Friday showing the social media world the action. The two suspects took a beating in Niersteen Street, Eldorado Park.
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The situation escalated as the community were dissatisfied that the suspects were arrested. The angry mob moved on to protesting at the Eldorado Police Station in Eldorado Park Extension Five.
They burned tyres and chanted in front of the police station for quite some time before the police dispersed the crowd using teargas and rubber bullets.
Police loading their guns and getting ready to disperse the crowd.
A community member, Mark Brown said that they are tired of the nonsense in the community and that the guys who were deserved what they got.
The tear gas and rubber bullets battle continued for a while as people came back throwing glass bottles, bricks and stones at the police until eventually giving up.


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