Residents of Palmview combat crime one fence at a time

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Phoenix Durban

Community activist, Vivian Pillay, and some of the residents of Fullpalm, who stand in front of the new fence.

Residents of the Palmview area were living in fear before they came together to erect a fence, in an effort to combat the high volumes of crimes that plagued the area.
The defenceless community had become victims of numerous house break-ins, clothes stolen from washing lines, armed robberies, theft in vehicles and recently a murder, for over 30 years.
The hopeless residents made several attempts to raise awareness about the level of crime in their community to authorities, but the residents were only met with disappointment and lack of action.
The locals of the Furrowpalm and Amblepalm were afflicted by a pathway that was surrounded by a big piece of land that houses a poultry farm and a scrapyard.
The pathway was used by school children and workers that were believed not to be from the area, to gain easier access to schools or work.  The pathway was also a gateway for the influx of crime in the area.
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It was only after community activist, Vivian Pillay, who moved into the area in August 2017, initiated the formation of the Palmview Crime Committee. Pillay who worked in collaboration with ward councillor, Maggie Johnson, and Alvin Naidoo from Platinum Security held several meetings with community members, to fight against the affliction of crime.
Pillay, Cllr Johnson and Naidoo, together with distressed community members had planned to seal off the Fullpalm Road, as it was a route commonly used by criminals.
With the ends of each road opened to the bushy and open field criminals used it to escape after committing crimes in the area.
Dwellers of the area contributed money towards erecting a wire fence that will stop criminal influx in the area.
The fencing of all four roads has protected the vulnerable in their homes and those coming back or going to work during the day or in the late hours of night.
The 84 metre wire fence has brought about relief to those who were living in fear in the Palmview area. “We are thankful to Alvin Naidoo of Platinum Asset Protection Unit who sent his vehicles to patrol the area during day and night. Naidoo’s support to the community has resulted in less criminal activities in the area,” Pillay said.


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