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Ronika Naidoo aims to empower the community.

Ronika Naidoo, a business owner of Sibemunye Trading, a commodity agency, wears numerous hats on a daily basis.
She is a dancer, former national and international model, psychologist and personal trainer among her many titles.
However, Naidoo’s passion lies in making a difference in the lives of others.
Having lost loved ones in her life, depression, rejection, abuse, and the trauma of being held at gunpoint, Naidoo chooses to giggle through her sorrows.
The go-getter has touched the lives of many people she has come across. Naidoo has shared her expertise in homeopathy, healthy living and mind and body therapy.
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Spending much time with patients at various hospitals, Naidoo had come to a realisation. “I came to an understanding that it is easier to stop health afflictions from happening in the first place than to repair the damage after it has happened,” Naidoo said.
Retaining the spirit of gratitude, Naidoo knows that she is blessed even in the midst of her downfalls. O Rising Africa, a non-profit organisation, joined forces with Naidoo to distribute food, clothing and hampers to families in need.
Managing a business with seven staff members, teaching part-time and hosting boot camps, yoga, aerobics, personal training, and dance classes, Naidoo has come to a conclusion that with a steadfast mind you can achieve anything.
“You can move mountains when you put your mind to it,” Naidoo said. Being the biggest devotee to a healthy lifestyle, Naidoo hops around with a moon boot as a result of foot injury after training members of the community at local gyms.
With the high demand of people wanting to live a healthy lifestyle, Naidoo has offered free fitness classes in Stonebridge, Caneside, Redfern, Greenbury as well as in Chatsworth.
For more information about the classes, contact Ronika Naidoo on 083-781-8642.


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