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Commission that was set up to investigate the sexual harassment happening at
the SABC has released its findings.The shocking
findings revealed, among others, that there could be a cover-up.The mandate
of the Commission, was to investigate verbal and written allegations of sexual
harassment by employees.The
commission revealed that ten cases were lodged directly by victims.It also
revealed that 25 SABC officials were interviewed.An
astonishing 40 submissions were received, and these exclude those that could
not be corroborated.It said
that in most cases, SABC’s Human Resources failed to follow procedures outlined
in the SABC policy on sexual harassment.The
Commission also questioned whether this was due to ignorance or a cover-up.“A strong
perception exists that HR and senior managers collude with and cover up for
alleged perpetrators and, the poor and inept handling of cases seen has not
done much to disprove this perception,” the report said.The report
also slammed the Human Resources department for their inaction in the face of
the allegations.“Of all the
cases the Commission came across, no alleged perpetrator was ever suspended or
found guilty of sexual harassment even though this was the main complaint,” the
report said.“Those
charged (often supervisors to complainants) were allowed to work (victimization
not monitored) and then found guilty of unprofessional behavior, [not sexual
harassment] where cases went that far.”The SABC’s
failure to handle the cases, the report found out, has resulted in many of the
employees resigning.“Most
complainants remain unemployed, still emotional and depressed and angry. The
one still in the employ of SABC continues to suffer victimization for reporting
the case,” the report read.In its
recommendations, the Commission called on the SABC to take sexual harassment
seriously.“SABC does
not take sexual harassment seriously and the culture of sweeping things like
sexual harassment under the carpet is prevalent,” the report said.“SABC needs
to develop a culture that embraces the enhancement of human rights and gender
Commission also recommended that the SABC’s sexual harassment policy should be
supplement the policy, a standard operating procedure or policy guidelines must
be put in place to give teeth to the sexual harassment policy,” the report


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