Safety tips for women – Rekord East

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Safety tips for women – Rekord East

Phoenix Durban

The operators of the city’s mobile security app, Namola believe it is perfect to curb gender-based violence.
Launched in 2017, operators believed since the emergency app allowed users quick access to the nearest police officers, it was perfect for those who need urgent assistance.
Recently they issued the following safety tips to women:
– Download the app: with Namola you are able to get help fast at the push of a button. Response Centre Agents will call you to confirm your emergency and co-ordinate the relevant public emergency responders to your exact location.
– Be proactive: If you feel you are in a dangerous or uncomfortable situation, ask for help through Namola. The Response Centre Agents will happily hold the line until you are safe or alternatively send you help, fast! It is also advisable to keep your smartphone settings on “location on” at all times to enable emergency services to locate you by GPS even when you don’t know your address.
– Know your partner: Know the person you’re dating. If you are going to their house, make sure someone knows where they live. It is also a good idea to give the cell number of the person you’re dating or going out with to a friend or family member.

– Travelling solo: Make sure that you jot down the vehicle registration numbers of any transport you are using and send it to a friend or family member. If you feel like you are in danger, ask for help through Namola.
– Report abuse: You can do this on someone else’s behalf through Namola. If you fear for your life, get to a place of safety and ask for assistance.
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The app also allows users to stay in constant communication with responders through the messaging function and the GPS technology gives your pinpoint location to the responders coming to your aid.
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