SAPS honour Donovan Naicker’s family’s plea

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SAPS honour Donovan Naicker’s family’s plea

Phoenix Durban

Donovan Naicker’s mother and her granchildren attired in T-shirts which had his face printed on it, while listening to the deputy mayor of eThekwini Municipality, Cllr Fawzia Peer.

Adhering to Natasha Naidoo’s plea, the sister to the late Donovan Naicker, who was murdered earlier this year, deputy mayor of eThekwini Municipality, Fawzia Peer, Brig DB Ndlovu, cluster commander, Maj Gen Lucas Ngobeni, and various religious leaders materialised their visit in Phoenix, Stonebridge, last Saturday.
Challenging change at the Phoenix police station, Naidoo complained to the Ministerial Office of the Police, Bheki Cele, calling for improvement after being failed by the local police ranks.
Combating the unavailability of resources at the station, Naidoo saw it upon herself to forbid anyone from going through what she described as torment when she opened a case for her brother’s murder.
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Speaking to the Phoenix Sun, Naidoo aired her grievances and expectations before the commencement of the meeting.

“I wrote an email to the Minister’s office petitioning for change. I wrote to him hoping that he could intervene and afford the community members of Phoenix the same change that he afforded to the community members of Chatsworth. I wrote to him having hope that he would fortify the Phoenix police station with more resources. The Phoenix police station is in dire need of manpower, police vehicles and office supplies,” Naidoo said.
“When my brother was murdered, I had to endure the hurdle of the inadequacy of resources. They had no paper for affidavits, filling in forms and printing. I want to witness more police vehicles covering each sector of Phoenix and more police officers visible in the community,” Naidoo said.
Responding to the grief of the late Donovan Naicker’s family, Brig DB Ndlovu commended Naidoo for her fighting spirit and encouraged the community members of Phoenix to help SAPS fight crime in the area, before breaking down the crime statistics in each sector.
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Cluster commander, Maj Gen Lucas Ngobeni, pointed out that the statistics of violence, house robbery, drinking and driving and other crimes declined; except for the arrests of drugs between the year 2009 and 2018.
He pleaded with members of public to open any criminal cases.
Deputy mayor of eThekwini Municipality, Fawzia Peer, also made a bid to have the eThekwini Metro Police to join arms with SAPS in an effort to combat crime.
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