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PACT was established in March 2012 by three friends, who saw the great need for animals in dire straights in Phoenix and surrounding communities.
One night while leaving a friend’s home, they came across a puppy who was bloodied and being kicked around by a group of boys. They then took the puppy to an after-hours vet and paid exorbitant fees to treat her.
They named her Hope and she became their first rescue. Hope was homed but they saw the need to help other animals like Hope, who had no owner to advocate on their behalf.
They then started PACT that aims to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home neglected, abused and abandoned animals with the core mandate to sterilise every animal they come in contact with.
PACT believes that by sterilising animals, it will curb the breeding problem of overpopulation that results in unwanted animals.

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One of the main issues they face is that people don’t sterilise their pets. This often stems from ignorance, misconceptions and stigmas related to sterilising.
Other issues that PACT tackles are dogs who are chained up. It is illegal for a dog to be chained up and this is one of the most frustrating challenges in the community. People often get dogs without having a secure property or a fenced yard.
Dogs are not allowed on the road and they are not allowed to be chained. PACT has had numerous dogs injure themselves during thunderstorms and fireworks trying to break free for cover, some have even ended up dead.
“Please do not chain your dog or if you notice someone chaining their dog, please report them. There is a fine up to R60, 000 for this,” said members of PACT.
The Phoenix Animal Care and Treatment Centre (PACT) is celebrating its seventh birthday and in celebration of this, the organisation is holding a grand ‘pawty’ at the La Lucia Mall Park on Sunday, March 31, from 11am to 3pm.
There will be activities for the young and old and birthday presents for the furry ones. Cat or dog food are most welcome and appreciated.


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