Shocking news just in. Attack on a Silverglen grandfather . Mr Bhim’s family of…

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Shocking news just in. Attack on a Silverglen grandfather .
Mr Bhim’s family of Hillcrest Avenue in Silverglen , Chatsworth (Durban ) were awakened at 03h00 in the early hours of the morning by intruders that broke into his house and robbed them.of their possessions. The criminals severely assaulted the family. …and gagged and bound Mr Bhim. They proceeded to brutally assault the 82 year old senior citizen and were in the process of carrying him.away in the night . Mr Bhim’s daughter screamed as much as she could, in the silence of the cold and dark night, as she witnessed her dear dad being kidnapped by the brazen ruthless robbers .Her screams made the robbers drop Mr Bhim in the garden as they were fleeing the scene . Family members and neighbours raised the alarm .He was rushed to hospital …but sadly passed away within 24 hours of the attack. His frail body could not bear the extent of the terrible injuries he sustained .
Mr Bhim and his son Nirosh owned Natal Brake and Clutch in Sunset Avenue in Unit 10.
He slogged all his life to earn a living …eventually owning the well known brake fitment business that he passed on to his son. Only to die at this old age in such a cruel manner .
Hillcrest Avenue is not far from the notorious Silverglen Nature Reserve which borders Umlazi. Although the highly effective Silverglen Safety Watch and the Silverglen CPF are working tirelessly to safeguard the residents …criminals and land invaders are putting fear into the lives of Chatsworth residents that live in the surrounding Unit 5 and Silverglen areas .
Its indeed sad that a respected hard-working grandfather could lose his life in such a manner at the hands of ruthless criminals .
South Africa has almost the highest crime rate in the world . The police are ill-equipped and under-resourced to effectively stem the tide of rampant crime . As for the government …it seems they too lenient on criminals . They release prisoners on early parole . The very same prisoners come out of jail and commit the same crime again.
I say…hang the damn criminals! .or shoot them in front of a firing squad! . That’s what they do in middle east countries . There is no crime there . Coz you get your hands chopped off if you steal. But in this country the government doesn’t want to antagonise the criminals …coz they need the criminals ‘ votes and the votes of the criminals ‘ families to keep the stupid government in power .
This country is going down to the dogs ! It’s so sad !
( please note. …I haven’t used actual crime photos from the Bhim household …respecting their privacy at this stage . The above photos are mere pictures to illustrate the extent of crime in our country ).
Funeral plans to be announced soon. Watch the press and radio news.. for further details .
From…Devan Naicker. …in Chatsworth.

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5 comments on “Shocking news just in. Attack on a Silverglen grandfather . Mr Bhim’s family of…

  1. This is not right! Fucking kunts want to rob and kill fuck them they need a bullet in the head I will personally shoot this kunts DEAD!

  2. Condolences to the family. I had the pleasure of teaching his son who was an absolute delight. I also had the pleasure of meeting Mr Bhim who made generous donations to the school Rest in peace , Sir

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