Shoes uncover suspect’s tracks | Phoenix Sun

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Shoes uncover suspect’s tracks | Phoenix Sun

Phoenix Durban

A suspect was apprehended after he was identified by a pair of shoes he left behind, after items in the home were reported missing at a Waterloo home, Verulam, over the weekend.
Members of the Verulam community allegedly placed a house break-in suspect under arrest after a house owner reported that several goods in his home had gone missing in his home.
The suspect was taken into custody by angry members of the community after he was caught roaming the streets of the Verulam CBD.
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A local security officer, who was at the time patrolling the area, stopped to intervene as tension was mounting among members of the community.

It is alleged that the culprit broke into the Waterloo home and stole an Acer Laptop and an iPad before fleeing the home without his shoes.
The suspect was easily identified as a well-known house break-in suspect in the Waterloo area by the shoes he had always worn.
The homeowner then demanded that the suspect reveal where the suspect had taken his stolen property.
The suspect then revealed that the iPad was hidden in a nearby dense bush after it had fall and the screen consequently cracked.
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The wrongdoer further revealed that he had pawned the Acer Laptop at a pawn shop in the Verulam area.
The culprit confessed that he had pawned the laptop for R350.
The suspect was later handed over to a local security company.
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