Six members of the South African Police Service Anti Gang Unit were shot and injured as they were tracing suspects in Samora Machel

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JUST IN: Six members of the South African Police Service Anti Gang Unit were shot and injured as they were tracing suspects in Samora Machel, Nyanga in the early hours of this morning.

Police spokesperson Brigadier Novela Potelwa said two members were seriously injured and four others were wounded. They have all been admitted to hospital.

“The members who were on a tracing operation in Sweet Home Farm informal settlement had just apprehended one suspect allegedly linked to recent murders in Samora Machel. As the members were searching for another suspect also sought for serious crime in the area, shots came from one of the shacks. The area is difficult to access with a terrain that is poorly lit and shacks erected close to each other. Unfortunately, the area is also a hide-out for dangerous criminals. Recently a spate of murders took place in the area,” Potelwa said.

A manhunt for the suspects has been launched, and trauma counselling has been offered to AGU members.



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