So we have Serious Health, Security, Housing and Unemployment Issues. So Its Election Time…

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Phoenix Durban

So we have Serious Health, Security, Housing and Unemployment Issues.

So Its Election Time and the big Question is,
1. Who do we vote for ?
B4 u answer ask yourself what did my councillor do for me especially regarding the above.

Do u have a message for your councillor, if he did not hear u the first time maybe he will today.

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5 comments on “So we have Serious Health, Security, Housing and Unemployment Issues. So Its Election Time…

  1. There was a time long long ago we had called Patrick PILLAY cos the banks of a stream near our home was washing away. One call and this man came took photos and sorted it out with the relevant ppl…he helps lots of ppl in our area… No picture no sound from our Councillor LYNDAL SINGH.. My vote will go to Patrick Pillay.

  2. Where is the ward councillor from ward 48 ? He is never in his office. His office is closed. Service delivery stinks in ward 48. The DA won the elections in 2016 in ward 49 but the ward is filthy. Trees hanging all over place, touching the ground. Street lights not working . Grass not cut. Speed humps not painted. Road badly neglected and damaged with potholes . Stormwater drains over flowing and the list goes on. But the ward councillor is busy on selfie s showing the entire leadership of the DA that he is working. The senior citizen function last year on Stonebridge community hall was a dog show. He didn’t even turn up. But the DA gives people like this awards and pat on the back. Voters of ward 48 .judge for yourselves.

  3. The only councilor who is worthy of any vote is Patrick Pillay. I had asked for assistance once not for myself but for some destitute family in our area and he actually helped them by getting their lights and water reconnected. This is what we need to see in our country. As for the other councilors, they are fat cats. Not to be seen in a crisis but only election time.

  4. Majority of these elected ‘councillors’ have best interest in their own private business. The plight of the community is not on their priority list. They are merely looking for a ‘free’ salary and perks. In the past 20 years what has been done to ‘urbanise’ Phoenix with infrastructure? Phoenix is growing but the infrastructure is not. Take the Roads, Stormwater and over grown verges for example, we are left in a hell of a predicament to deal with the problems and lack of adequate infrastructure / service in our community. Drugs, theft, hijacking, murder, rape….. All are increasing but absolutely no counter action or measure put in place. When it’s election time… The promises flow like an open sewer gate… We have endured enough… All parties make their pledges and promises…. Who actually delivers???

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