Sophiatown police seize 1510 mandrax tablets to the street value of R60 400 in Westbury

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Sophiatown police seize 1510 mandrax tablets to the street value of R60 400 in Westbury

Eldorado park Johannesburg

The 1510 mandrax tablets that were found at the flat. Photo credit: Captain Jerbes de Bruyn.

Sophiatown police in conjunction with members of the Tactical Response Team (TRT) also known as “Amaberete” conducted an operation after receiving information of illegal drugs being sold at the flats in Dowling Avenue in Westbury.
According to the communications officer Jerbes de Bruyn, upon arrival, the police seized 1510 mandrax tablets to the street value of R60 400.
When it comes to the ranking in the world, South African is said to be the largest abuser of the mandrax drug, this is according to the website:
The website also indicates that the drug is a mixture of different chemicals with the active ingredient being Methaqualone.
If there’s an addiction, there’s a cause – [related story]

Back in the sixties and seventies the drug surfaced as a successful sleeping tablet, it also assisted with treating high blood pressure and anxiety attacks, however, there were side effects to this drug especially when used with marijuana and alcohol.
These side effects are life-threatening and caused psychological and physical dependence. After the discovery on the side effects many countries banned the use of the drug and since then the drug has been stolen and sold on the streets.
Officer de Bruyn added; “A 38-year-old woman was arrested at the Westbury flats in connection with the illegal drugs and had appeared in court for dealing in drugs. The operation forms part of the ongoing operation clampdown in Westbury.”
De Bruyn requests for members of the community to keep on providing the police with information linked to any illegal activities.
The anti-drug hotline number is 071 686 0190 for the public to use.
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