South African farmer is killed and his vineyard accountant wife stabbed and scorched with boiling water in attack by four robbers as the couple were leaving to go to church

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A South African farmer was stabbed to death and his wife scalded with boiling water by four robbers in balaclavas as they headed to church.

Tool and Liezel Wessels, both 55, were leaving their home in Bonnievale, Western Cape, to take part in choir practice on Monday night when they were attacked.

The police said the pair were held hostage, but that Mrs Wessels managed to escape despite a stab wound and being burned with boiling water.

The mother-of-two alerted the police who later found Mr Wessels dead 200 yards from the house.

Tool and Liezel Wessels, both 55, with their daughters Annelie and Jana – the husband and wife were set upon by four armed robbers as they left their home for church in Bonnievale, Western Cape on Monday evening

Mr Wessels was discovered dead by police around 200 yards away from the house after his wife was able to escape and alert the authorities

Mrs Wessels was reportedly stabbed in her chest and had water burns down her back, the house was ransacked and the safe was missing. 

Police said on Wednesday they had arrested a 19-year-old man in connection with the murder and attempted murder.

Colonel Andrè Traut told News 24: ‘One of the firearms stolen during the incident, a .22 rifle has been seized. The suspect is scheduled to make a court appearance once he has been charged.’

The robbers are understood to have made off with guns and cash. 

Their two daughters Annelie and Jana are reportedly too terrified to return home.

‘I do not want to know the details,’ Annelie, 23, told Netwerk 24, ‘I have asked everybody not to tell me.’

The daughters, both students at Stellenbosch University, have been at their mother’s side in hospital, News 24 reported.

The sisters, Annelie and Jana Wessels, both students at Stellenbosch University, are said to be too afraid to return home

Mrs Wessels is said to a be an accountant for one of the local wineries.

One of the Wessels’ friends, Lize Simon, wrote on Facebook: ‘Lord, I deliver the Wessels to you tonight. I pray for Aunt Liezel for speedy healing and recovery.

‘Lord, I pray that you will bless this family. I pray that you cure their hearts piece by piece. I pray that you take the dreaded pictures out of their mind.’


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2 comments on “South African farmer is killed and his vineyard accountant wife stabbed and scorched with boiling water in attack by four robbers as the couple were leaving to go to church

  1. Now my wuestion and am sure so many others as well… now one is caught and will appear in court….AND THEN ???? Leave it up to us to look after him in jail….the poor family lost their husband and father….why does this person have the privelage of still being alive….you take a life…you torture other humans who are suppised to be safe in this country…and STILL our government sits back and shrugs it off….does our president for ince sit back and say to himself…what if it were one if my family…would that then make you take action…I am sure it would…SO WHY must this happen and these persons who take lives be allowed to carry on living…..catch a wake up mr president…change the laws if this country and let thise who kill and torture receive the same..why must we allow this to continue…will this country ever be a safe place to live in…NO …..not as long as this government allows this to continue and not hand out appropriate punishment…..I say…a life for a life…there is no other way.

  2. Trouble is, that, if you allow hate to tarnish your judgement as to demanding death for these “creatures!” then, sadly, you bring yourself down to their level!! Just remember, God does not use money to collect his debts!!

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