South Africans on Twitter respond to loadshedding news

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South Africans on Twitter respond to loadshedding news

Phoenix Durban

On Sunday 10 February, Eskom spokesperson Khulu Phasiwe announced that loadshedding would return due to the power system being constrained by a number of breakdowns including a depletion of water and diesel resources. The power utility then upgraded stage 2 loadshedding to stage 4 and today loadshedding stands at stage 3.
During an interview following the 32nd African Union heads of state summit on Monday, President Cyril Ramaphosa expressed his “shock” and “anger” that the national energy generator has “reached this stage of dysfunctionality”.
Here’s what some South Africans have to say:

Some workers who travel from the townships and Cape flats to Sea point for work, say they couldn’t cook last night. Electricity returned while they were sleeping. They had to wake up very early, rushing to work. #LoadShedding #Stage3 #Eskom #EskomLoadshedding
— Athi Mtongana (@Artii_M) February 12, 2019

I can’t ✋? #EskomLoadshedding #Eskom #Loadshedding
— Zelda la Grange ©™✌ (@ZeldalaGrangeSA) February 12, 2019

#Eskom is trending and electricity dololo???Ayam not okay…

— Potsow? (@Thobcs_) February 11, 2019

One of the large hospitals in Johannesburgs’ reception area during loadshedding. ??#EskomLoadshedding #Eskom
— Zelda la Grange ©™✌ (@ZeldalaGrangeSA) February 11, 2019

How do you run a company like this? ? #Eskom
— Nickola (@PstNICKY7) February 11, 2019

I think stage 12 of #LoadShedding is when they come to your house and blow off your candle. #Eskom
— NgiGrandMfwethu (@NgiGrandMfwethu) February 12, 2019

#eNCANow: One analyst says #Eskom has been lying to the public.He says it’s shocking that most of the challenges were only revealed at the #Nersa hearing. Courtesy #DStv403
— eNCA (@eNCA) February 12, 2019

For all of us who may not have boiling water on tap,thanks to #eskom #Loadshedding think of our fellow citizens who NEVER have it.Boil water on gas/coal and then this…. #lifeistough out there!!
— DashcamGP-ZA (@Dashcampros) February 10, 2019

#eNCANow: #ANC has joined the chorus of angry South Africans after an unprecedented stage four load-shedding was implemented last night. Acting spokesperson Zizi Kodwa slammed #Eskom’s explanation saying sabotage was at play. Courtesy #DStv403
— eNCA (@eNCA) February 12, 2019

Remember #Loadshedding when you vote on 8th May. #Eskom #ProudlyBroughtByAnc
— Ricardo Mackenzie (@ricardomackenzi) February 11, 2019

Mr. @CyrilRamaphosa says he’s SHOCKED and ANGRY about #ESKOM’s Load shedding? He appointed the Board, CEO, COO, Task Teams, continues to sign Power Purchase Agreements with IPPs, & still shocked? The correct words should be INCOMPETENT and OPPORTUNISTIC. Unbundling will be worse!
— Floyd Shivambu (@FloydShivambu) February 11, 2019

The reality is that #Eskom power failures can be placed squarely at the feet of the ANC.
The power utility has been used as a cash cow for looting by the #Guptas and political fat cats, as a result, this has left us in the dark.
— Democratic Alliance (@Our_DA) February 11, 2019

Customers can access load shedding schedules on the utility’s website. Eskom customers can also contact the customer contact centre on 0860 037 566

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