South Africans Violently Say No To Enforced Mass Immigration, Still Everyone Ignores Them…

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Jules Street, Malvern, Johannesburg.

South Africa is literally on the brink. W have seen a lot of things we cannot publish, yet the world is still ignoring black South Africans, who are of the same tribe (bantu) as the Hutu who committed the Rwandan genocide, who ruled Rwanda at the time in a majority government, just like the bantu do in SA now…

After having “struggled” for decades to get power in South Africa, black South Africans are not about to just give it all up and be assimilated into globalism and a so called “One Africa” which the supremacist globalists and traitorous leaders like Malema espouse…

As white South Africans have learnt, the ethos of black South Africans is similar to the one liberal and left wing politicians use: “This is ours and if we cannot have it, no one can…”

This is not surprising given that they have been raised and nurtured in the supremacist liberal leftist ideology their parents were taught by Mandela and the same globalists who were plotting the conquest of Apartheid South Africa, which coincidentally built all of this infrastructure being destroyed now…

Many a white South African has fond memories of the wonderful place Malvern used to be as a hub for “progressive” people…

…well progressiveness has got Malvern now for sure…

Many have demanded decisive action from President Cyril Ramaphosa to contain the wave of violence targeted mainly at African foreign business owners.

Police have arrested dozens of people in and around Johannesburg this week over the looting and burning of foreign-owned shops, the latest in anti-mass immigration attacks that have plagued South Africa in recent years since ANC threw open South Africa’s borders with a policy of Deliberate Negligence.

The attacks in Johannesburg come in the wake of similar attacks in the capital Pretoria last week following the shooting of a taxi driver allegedly by a foreign drug dealer.

Some South Africans say they are retaliating against crime committed by foreigners and the sale of illicit goods by foreign shop owners and police have been accused of being in the pockets of these foreign gangs…



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