#Sowetolooting shop owners fear for their lives | Soweto Urban

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#Sowetolooting shop owners fear for their lives | Soweto Urban

Phoenix Durban

A local shop in Soweto. Picture supplied.

Foreign shop owners are under attack in Soweto as community members are breaking in the shops and looting.
The looters made their way back to Naledi extension 2 after they failed to break in one of the shops on their first attempt; they used the roof to enter the shop and started looting.
The police managed to stop the looters and no casualties have been reported, no arrests were made.

Constable Dakalo Phemula confirmed that the violence outbreak has started earlier today, stating that the affected areas include Naledi, Emndeni and Zola amongst others.
Police spokesperson Captain Kay Makhubela said more police are deployed to maintain control in Soweto and that the people involved will be arrested.
According to Makhubela no casualties have been reported.

How can this be justified? #Sowetolooting pic.twitter.com/a0bAsNzh1n
— godfrey madanhire (@godfreyinafrica) August 15, 2019

Only to find out he stole the wrong size 😂😂😂 ai#Sowetolooting https://t.co/AXpmp28MA1
— Refilwe Masege (@Refilwe50) August 15, 2019

Looting is back #Sowetolooting soon it will be spreading to neighbouring towns, villages and the entire SA https://t.co/GyvK37FIIO
— The Potential Guy (@LizoJonas) August 15, 2019

This guys are legends, since last night they’ve been guarding this Somalian’s shop even now they still there #Sowetolooting pic.twitter.com/br6nw29iEP
— C H A R K (@yunghomie_chark) August 15, 2019

More to follow.

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