Stay alert when expecting a delivery from a courier service | Rosebank Killarney Gazette

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Stay alert when expecting a delivery from a courier service | Rosebank Killarney Gazette

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RAM says they are aware of criminals posing as employees and then robbing the victim. Photo: Pixabay

A courier service has released a statement to warn people of a trend they have noticed where criminals allegedly pose as the delivery service. 
RAM Hand to Hand Couriers released a statement that they have been made aware of perpetrators allegedly dressing as RAM employees, claiming to have a delivery for the particular address. “[The suspects are] often wearing red shirts and/or partial RAM uniforms (obtained fraudulently) in an attempt to disguise themselves and masqueraded as RAM employees.”
RAM provided some tips to be aware of to avoid being robbed:
Most delivery services deliver using fully branded vehicles
RAM staff are dressed in RAM uniforms – check other courier services branded uniform on their websites
Staff should have identification cards on a lanyard
RAM does not outsource staff or delivery vehicle services. Other courier services do – ensure that the delivery sent matches the identification of the driver and vehicle number plate
RAM couriers conduct deliveries and collections utilising mobile held devices.

RAM added that your delivery information can be shared to your trusted contacts. If you did not expect a delivery, call your security company or the police to assist, do not let them in your home or office.
Gauteng police spokesperson Mavela Masondo said there are aware of one incident that was reported in the province but can not confirm if there has been an increase. He did however urge drivers of courier vans to take safety precautions when on duty.
Masondo gave the following tips for drivers:
Always check that you are not being followed
If you suspect you are being followed, drive straight to the nearest police station
Avoid carrying large amounts of money
Have the contact numbers of the police stations
First drive around the streets where you are to deliver to check if there are no suspicious people or vehicles
Have your vehicles fitted with a tracker.
If you are robbed, Masondo added, “Try and cooperate for your own safety, at the same time, check things that you can describe your robbers with, ie clothes they are wearing, colour of hair, their height, complexion, any visible scars in the face and report to the police as soon as you are freed.”
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