Stolen dog in Mitchell’s Plain

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On the 26th Dec @ around 10am, Caesar forced himself out of the yard in 25 Bolton Street, Rondevlei, Mitchells Plain to chase a cat. My son saw him get out and by the time he got outside, Caesar was gone. The neighbour saw Caesar and told my son the direction, then ran after the dog. My son got into his car and they drove around for around nearly the entire day trying to find him. We then had flyers printed and my son placed them in all the shops in the vicinity and the neighbours children walked around and handed out flyers as well. We contacted the AWS, the PDSA and SPCA at the time and no one had handed in the dog. The one shop was closed and when my son went there the following day, the shop owner recognised the dog and informed my son that a heavy set African police woman in uniform had driven past and stopped @ approximately 10.30 She had put Caesar in her silver (possible VW) sedan and had informed him that she would be taking him to the police station, a customer corroborated his story. He also informed my son that she was a regular and lived in the area. My son then phoned Mitchells Plain (Eastridge) & Lentegeur police station. The detective at Lentegeur informed my son that there was nothing they could do as they needed more information. The station commander at MIP informed my son that he had 8 heavy set African woman under his command that lived in the area but he was unable to assist as they would not admit to stealing the dog. We have filled in a report by SPCA Grassy Park and emailed the AWS Phillipi and PDSA Lenteguer with all the details.
I was only assisted on 17th January after I had laid a non-service delivery complaint with SAPS via email, when Captain October of the Mitchells Plain service delivery complaints took my statement and sent it to Lentegeur to open a criminal case, I received my case number (CAS456/1/2019) the following day. Captain October advised me to call the Lentegeur Police Station to speak to the acting Commander, Captain Brickles to explain the urgency of the case. I phoned the station Commander Corporal Brickles, who in turn referred me to Captain Pickard, who then handed the case to Sergeant Ryneveldt.
Sergeant Ryneveldt contacted me, I send him an affidavit my son wrote and he then called me on Tuesday to say he had concluded the case as the dog the police woman had taken was not my dog. I then informed Sergeant Ryneveldt that I did not believe her story as the shop owner was adamant that the dog taken was in fact our dog and not another dog (my son showed him the picture of the dog she claimed to have picked up). I also informed Sergeant Ryneveldt that there had been another witness with the shop owner and he basically fobbed me off, telling me I did not mention this witness in the report – I had mistakenly assumed that he would question the shop owner and this fact would then come to light. He then asked me to send me a pic of my dog – please tell me, how did he do an investigation without even seeing a picture of my dog??? Additionally, I informed him that the police woman had in fact, admitted to picking up a dog and giving it away – this was not legal – and he kept changing the subject regarding this or answering my questions with other questions, as well as telling me he had investigated all leads – this is not true – and kept defending the policewoman in asking me why she would lie. I then contacted Captain Magugu, the police woman that admitted to picking up the dog and this is where her story of the events differs to that of Sergeant Ryneveldt. She had informed him that she didn’t like dogs, so she picked him up and first offered him to someone who declined and then a certain Rushka at 2 Sussex Road, Rondevlei had taken the dog, saying they would keep him until someone claimed him and yet when I spoke to the police women on WhatsApp, she claimed that someone at 2 Sussex Road had claimed it was their dog.
I then, on the advice of Captain October, sent another email to the the service delivery complaints department, Mitchells Plain police station and Lentegeur police station. I received a call yesterday from Captain Jacobs of the Lentegeur police station complaints department, they have put Captain Johnson in charge of the case as he is Sergeant Ryneveldt’s superior and that he would contacting me to arrange an appointment – I am still awaiting the call.
Caesar is just over a year old, is of mixed pitbull/boxer/border collie breed and has a prominent skew jaw(his teeth are not aligned). His face is totally white, has one white ear and one brown ear and had a blue collar on.
I don’t care what was said or who lied, I want a proper investigation and my dog back as my daughter in law is disabled and he is her care companion, we are desperate to find him.
Regards Amanda 0761731403


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