Stolen items recovered by vigilant members

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Phoenix Durban

The seized items.

Members of the sector 4 and sector 5 CPF and various security companies worked hand in hand to recover a number of stolen items.
An active Sunford member noticed a group of men carrying a battery and a number of other items, walking along the Phoenix Highway.
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He followed them down to the railway tracks and then called for assistance.

Within minutes, he received support from the sector 5 CPF, and a chase ensued. The suspects abandoned the items and fled the scene in different directions.

Members from the sector 5 CPF blocked off Sledgrove as some of the suspects headed in that direction.
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A number of security forces and the SAPS responded and conducted a thorough search of the area, however, no arrests were made.
The recovered items were booked in at Phoenix SAPS.
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