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Phoenix Durban

Post-graduate medical and psychology students, who spoke at the event.

The Arya Samaj Women’s Forum recently hosted a community-based programme to battle the social issue of teenage drug addiction.
Held at Wembly School hall in Sunford, last Sunday, the programme brought together the community and a number of guest speakers to address the issues of drug addiction that plague the community.
Teenage drug addiction was identified as a burgeoning social problem that is close to the hearts of mothers and sisters across racial and religious denominations.
To this end, the forum developed an educational programme that draws on a multi-disciplinary team who will present talks on identified causes for depression in adolescents, its link to addiction, the recovery, relapse and rehab process.
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Chairwoman of the ASWF, Dr Serela Ramklass, said, “We’re a sub-committee of the Arya Samaj South Africa, located at 45 Meerut Road, Westville. As a movement that has its roots in social activism, we’ve decided to undertake projects that focus on the advancement of women in the educational, social and economic domains.”
Presenters on the programme included a number of recovered addicts and individuals who have lived in a household plagued by addiction, a practicing psychiatrist, accompanied by post-graduate med students, who advised parents on the early warning signs and symptoms of depression, and its association with substance abuse.
The South African Police Services presented commonly identified drugs being used in communities.
Representatives from rehabilitation centres informed attendees on options for rehabilitation whilst a yoga practitioner advised on the benefits of yoga for persons with depressive symptoms.
In addition, representatives from relevant NGOs and support groups advertised the services they have on offer for families that have a teenager with a mood or addiction disorder.
The highly stressful event was well attended by the community. “The turnout is impressive, we touched many lives here today. However, there is still much more work to be done in the fight against the scourge of teenage drug abuse in our community,” said Ramklass.


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