Super computer predict what team will win the rugby world cup tomorrow

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Rugby World Cup final gets underway on Saturday, this weekend, with England taking on South Africa. A supercomputer has predicted who will win the grand finale in Yokohama, Japan.

Rugby World Cup: Supercomputer predicts England
Rugby World Cup: Supercomputer predicts England vs South Africa score in final (Image: GETTY Images)

Rugby World Cup final sees England taking on South Africa in Yokohama, as the tournament comes to its close.

supercomputer has predicted the final score in the clash, and subsequently who will lift the coveted Rugby World Cup trophy… and it’s good news for England coach Eddie Jones.


England are expected to edge out South Africa in a very close 22-20 victory.

But, the supercomputer has also warned that the margin between the teams is so tight, that it really could go either way.


The supercomputer – QBE’s Rugby Predictor – also successfully predicted that New Zealand would beat Wales in the Bronze medal match, on Friday.

It expected the All Blacks to win 30-17 against Wales, but the margin was even greater in reality.

Wales fell to a 40-17 loss at the Ajinomoto Stadium in Tokyo, with New Zealand scoring six tries during the rout.

But, while QBE has predicted Eddie Jones’ side to win on Saturday morning, they warned that both teams defied the supercomputer to reach the final.

Rugby World Cup: England beat New Zealand to reach
Rugby World Cup: England beat New Zealand to reach the final (Image: GETTY Images)

“We’ve learned to expect the unexpected in this World Cup,” said QBE’s executive director of market management, Matthew Crane.

“Both teams defied the odds to make it to the final and it’s hard to predict what either side will pull out of the bag on Saturday.

“The Springboks are a notoriously stubborn side to beat so Eddie Jones’ men will need a plan B on the day.

“One thing’s for sure, we are in for a tense 80 minutes.”

Rugby World Cup: Wales were beaten by South Africa
Rugby World Cup: Wales were beaten by South Africa in the semi-finals (Image: GETTY Images)

The predictions are based on almost 4,000 simulations of the tournament, meaning that England only made the final on 18 per cent of occasions (675 times).

QBE’s supercomputer uses the same forecast procedure to predict natural disasters, including earthquakes and floods.

Predicted scores are based on 10 years of historical data, as well as how each team has performed against their respective opponents in the past.

The international experience of each team captain was also taken into account, as well as the success ratio for kickers, and whether the team usually benefits from playing home or away.

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