Take the necessary safety precautions to protect your home from brazen criminals | Phoenix Sun

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Take the necessary safety precautions to protect your home from brazen criminals | Phoenix Sun

Phoenix Durban

The spate of crime in South Africa has become increasingly daunting, despite an abundance of security measures and technological advancements.
“An approach which prioritises durable perimeter security measures is still invaluable and will withstand the test of time,” said Charnel Hattingh, Fidelity ADT’s national marketing and communications manager.
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She noted that although criminals have become more and more brazen, being well-prepared is fundamental.
Also, be aware of the type of crimes which commonly occur in your area.
“Stay in the loop by conversing with neighbours and be a part of local neighbourhood watch groups. This will help you gauge the frequency and nature of any crime occurring in the area. Try to stay abreast with the latest news and security trends,” advised Hattingh.

The many technological developments made over the years bring with it peace of mind and convenience.
“CCTV cameras, alarm systems, detection beams and even dogs work well to deter criminals,” recommended Hattingh.
Perimeter security also consists of gates, electric fencing and detection devices.
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Prioritising scheduled maintenance on all security measures is beneficial for home and business owners alike.
“It is a crucial part of securing your property. These checks pre-empt any pitfalls. It is best to remain cautious and ensure your property is well-lit at night,” concluded Hattingh.
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