Teens’ parents tell all about kidnapping | Roodepoort Record

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Teens’ parents tell all about kidnapping | Roodepoort Record

Phoenix Durban

The 17-year-old unidentified bruised teenager recovers at home after the traumatic attempted kidnapping. Photo: Siso Naile.

The mother of the brave teenager who fell victim to criminals driving around in a white VW Citi Golf with the intent to rob and abduct her, cannot imagine what would have happened if her daughter had not jumped out of the moving car.
The 17-year-old teenager, whose name is known to the Record, managed to fight off three suspects who were planning to take her with them on Monday, 8 April, while returning from school in the Discovery area.
The facial bruises the teenager sustained when jumping out of a moving kidnapper’s car. Photo: Supplied.
Her mother, who also wished to remain anonymous, told the Record that it was her daughter’s first time walking home when the tragic incident occurred.
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Teen jumps out of kidnapper’s car in Discovery

“It was about 2:45pm when my daughter was returning from school and was dropped off by her transport at the nearby shops to grab something to eat. While walking home she realised that she was being followed by the white Golf with suspicious men inside,” the mother said.
“As there are two routes going home, she decided to use a different one; however she was followed and cornered by the three males, one of whom asked for her phone before pulling her into the car. She sat in the back seat with one of the guys while the other two were in the front. She fought from the backseat and while fighting she realised the door was open. She threw her phone at them and jumped out of the moving car as it sped away,” she explained.
Serious bruises to one of the knees of the teenager. Photo: Supplied.

The mother said she managed to drag her injured body home, even though she had sustained a number of serious bruises on her face and lower body. And on top of the pain, was trauma, as the incident lingered in her mind.
The incident resulted in the loss of her cellphone and money. The mother added that she returned home after being alerted about incident and called the police before taking her daughter to hospital for treatment. “They need to be caught, because no-one knows how many children are going to be traumatised if this continues,” she appealed to law enforcement.
“If she hadn’t been able to fight them off, what would have happened? What would have happened to a younger child?” she asked.
While the incident was new to the family, another concerned parent came out to expose a similar incident which happened to her son, 16, and friend, 15, who were also forced into a similar vehicle and driven around before also managing to jump out and call for help at the nearest restaurant.
“It was on 17 March when a similar vehicle with three occupants asked for directions from my son and his friend in Discovery and then forced them into the car. Both their phones were taken by the criminals before the youngsters managed to jump out of the car near Arthur Matthews School in Florida,” the parent explained.
It is unclear at this time whether these attempted crimes are linked.
Florida Police spokesperson, Sergeant Mpho More, said police are aware of a case of common robbery that took place this month where a white Citi Golf was involved, and confirmed that the case is under investigation.


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