The Democratic Alliance in the Western Cape says the province loses an estimated three…

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The Democratic Alliance in the Western Cape says the province loses an estimated three…

The Democratic Alliance in the Western Cape says the province loses an estimated three billion rand a day due to loadshedding. The party’s premier candidate, Alan Winde has called on president Cyril Ramaphosa to declare the energy crisis in the country a national disaster. The party says South Africa is facing an economic collapse due to an unstable power supply, with small to medium businesses bearing the brunt. Winde wants national government to allow municipalities to source ten megawatt or less from independent power producers in a bid to mitigate the impact of Eskom’s energy woes. “We are suffering now as a result of a hiatus on independent power producing coming from the last few years while we were having a national debate on nuclear during the Zuma years and whats happening is that that coupling with the report we saw yesterday with low maintenance or no maintenance, no real future planning for new energy coming into the system, a while lots of old energy systems are going to be going out of commission 7000 megawatts probably in the next five years and we know what kind of stress that is gong to be put on South Africa’s grid system and resilience of our country” The DA says Independent Power Producer projects in the province have already generated over three thousand jobs a year, despite restrictions by national government. The Cape Chamber of Commerce says it does not foresee that the power crisis will be resolved soon and has encouraged businesses to seek alternative energy sources such as generators or solar power.

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5 comments on “The Democratic Alliance in the Western Cape says the province loses an estimated three…

  1. Hi guys
    A nuclear power plant will set us back another R2,1 Trillion. We will be unable to pay back a debt that size.

    Electricity will be unaffordable for 90% of us.

    It also means that JZ’s son stands to make the R50,000,000.00 for brokering the deal.

    This has been in discussion since Predident Nelson Mandela was in power and in stead of doing the necessary maintenance, stock piling the diesel and contracting companies to provide decent quality coal, the ANC has broken every rule and now it is too little too late.

    The ANC is responsible for the state the Country is in!

    All of this could have been avoided if the 2 Trillion that went missing during the JZ saga and the money or at least most of it recovered, we would not be where we are.

    JZ stole millions and is still walking free and nobody asks why!

    Cyril Ramaphosa will not let JZ go to prison because JZ knows too much and will sink the entire ANC!

    People need to start opening their eyes and stop listening to all the lies being told!

    If the ANC wins the election, this country and it’s people have no hope at all!

    We will all be going back to the stone ages!

    No more cars, no more schools, no more food, no more hospitals, universities, Eskom, SAA, SABC, SA Rail, nothing…!

  2. Better leadership will fix SA not a party. Leadership got Zuma out. Leadership will fix the energy. A party does not fix a country. The leadership of all of our South African leaders does.

  3. The petrol ⛽️ price increases are not helping either, Generators need power too!!!! And not every household can afford a generator. Easier said than done.

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