The DStv challenge … let the games begin! …. South Africa

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The ten videos required to trigger the donation to the charity helping impoverished whites: My email to send the videos to:

1) tie it to a rope and hang it from a branch just off the ground and have some batting practice.

2) have some target practice with your licensed gun – five hits at least 🙂

3) leave it to soak in water overnight

4) tie it to the back of your car on a short rope and drive ten miles with it dragging along the ground

5) disable it then leave it in view of the road and your CCTY camera and watch and record as the trash gets stolen

6) take it to the golf course and see how far you can hit it with a 9 iron (hit it at least 3 times)

7) take it to your favourite dance club abd invite fellow dancers to have a stomp on it – all night long

8) get your hammer and strike it hard to the beat of that classic song “Die Land”

9) put it in water and then into your freezer overnight and then, while frozen, watch in awe as the mighty racist Multichoice device cracks into little pieces when you slam it on the cement path outside your home

10) best still, throw it in a currently used long drop toilet (where it belongs)

What is your preferred option – feel free to pick your own way outside the ten listed above.

Once we have videos all all ten options submitted to Loving Life I will donate R5,000 to Patrick’s charity helping impoverished whites.



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