The game has just begun for Rahil

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The game has just begun for Rahil

Phoenix Durban

Rahil Bux of Umhlanga Rocks, is a force to be reckoned with in the world of online gaming.

For 18-year-old professional gamer, Rahil Bux of Umhlanga Rocks, composure is a key component in the exciting world of online gaming as it not only contributes to his next move but also his mindset and this, he believes, sets him apart from other gamers not only in the province but also the country.
What initially began as a hobby quickly developed into a professional lifestyle for Rahil, who is now a proud and devoted member of Bravado Gaming- Africa’s premier multi-gaming and e-sports organisation.
After participating in various gaming tournaments nationally and scooping coveted accolades, Rahil was ready to share his story, which many would agree, is inspiring to all gaming hobbyists, enthusiasts and professionals.
As the Phoenix Sun team entered his beautiful and serene home, they were warmly welcomed by his doting mother, who described her youngest child as incredibly shy and reserved.
Despite this, his mum, along with the team of journalists, were pleasantly surprised as the friendly Rahil entered the room, with a big smile on his face, happily prepared to speak about his recent achievements and what is in store for him in the near future.
“He normally is extremely shy, but I am truly in awe of how chatty he was during the interview,” Rahil’s mum said, adding that her son is indeed a determined and focused individual.
Rahil explained that he began gaming at 17 and in a short space of time, he himself, was also astonished at how far he has come.
“I am thankful and blessed to be part of the Bravado Gaming family. Under their banner, I have participated in many tournaments that have put my skills, expertise and abilities to the ultimate test. As part of Bravado Gaming, all gamers have to basically play each spin-off game/ series of Call of Duty, which is a first-person shooter video game franchise,” he explained.

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Rahil stated that while playing, he feels a sense of excitement and adrenalin, which prompts him to excel at all times.
The former pupil admitted that when he began gaming, his mum was concerned as to how this would effect his school work.
“Like any mother, I was worried that this could have a negative impact on his academics. But as time went on, I found it comforting that Rahil perfectly managed to balance his school work and gaming. He still produced top marks and excelled as a pupil. Now more than ever, I am fully supportive of him and know that he will always succeed in every aspect of life,” his mother said.
Rahil, who games for about five to seven hours every afternoon, said he recently participated in the hugely popular Comic Con Africa 2018, which took place in Johannesburg.
He is currently preparing for upcoming tournaments, which will be held in Durban and Johannesburg respectively.
His advice to both aspiring and professional gamers is to never get nervous.
“As cliched as it may seem, do not let the opinions of others get into your head. You have to shut out the negative and let it flow,” he said.
Being the youngest in his team, he now has his sights set on tournaments overseas and is confident that he will one day participate in international games.
Like any other teenager, Rahil enjoys hanging with friends, playing soccer and swimming when he is not gaming.
He loves pasta dishes and also versing his older brother in Playstation games. When asked for a quote he lives by daily, he replied, ‘the game is not over until it’s finished’.
Rahil hopes that online gaming will be given more exposure and wishes to extend his gratitude to his family, close friends and well-wishers, who have supported him in his journey.
Special thanks must also be afforded to Bravado Gaming, and sponsors, Alienware and Intel for making everything possible.

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