The magic of movement while on your monthly period

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Phoenix Durban

Did you know that exercising while on your period can actually help your body’s hormone levels, ease your cramps and even help PMS? The simple fact is that women, who exercise regularly, are more likely to have fewer menstrual problems.
It’s important and also safe to exercise while on a monthly period and Sister Burgie Ireland, an advisory nursing sister and midwife said, “Exercise stimulates the heart, improving blood circulation which in turn oxygenates the brain, helps to remove body waste and stimulates ‘feel good’ hormones like endorphins. You may not feel like running a marathon or swimming for the Olympics, but doing mild to moderate exercise during your period has many benefits”.

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Exercise helps during menstruation by keeping a female distracted from period pain. Surprisingly so, it can even help with nausea. Women who don’t exercise can feel sluggish and lethargic and are more susceptible to put on weight and even feel depressed.
“A quick 20 minute workout every day can do wonders for women. Those who exercise regularly find it easier to do some exercise during their period, though all women should engage in physical activity for the overall well-being of their bodies,” she added.
Activities to take up while on a period:
Walking is an ideal exercise when you have your period. It’s great for your hips and bones, doesn’t require any equipment, is not too strenuous and it’s refreshing to get off the couch and out of the house for a while.
Stand with your back to the wall, tilt your pelvis and bend your knees while pressing the small of your back into the wall.
Legs apart, arms at your side, slightly bend to the left while you slide your arm down your left leg. Repeat this on the right side. Then gently squat to the count of five. Stand up slowly and repeat.
On hands and knees tilt your pelvis by bending then arching your back
Pay attention to your posture – sit straight at your desk / computer. Always remember to walk tall
Be sure to take a long warm bath or shower after doing these exercises.


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