‘The Strip’ fast becoming a crime hotbed

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‘The Strip’ fast becoming a crime hotbed

Phoenix Durban

Ward councillor Siobhan Muller Photo: Liam Ngobeni

The popular nightlife spot dubbed “The Strip” has come under fire for non-permitted land use and noise for nearby residents.
This is according to ward councillor Siobhan Muller, who described the area as “a serious problem”.
“The Strip” forms part of Lynnwood Road and is close to the University of Pretoria. It houses a number of nightclubs.
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According to Muller, the zoning for the area does not allow for clubs to operate but coffee shops or restaurants.
Muller said the area was “not zoned for clubs or live entertainment”.
“They are zoned for being a place of refreshment like a coffee shop or a restaurant with light ambient background music – not nightclubs.”
Muller claimed she had contacted the owner of the properties to inform him that the area is not zoned for what they are currently doing.
“However, he just ignores it and continues to hire out these places illegally.”
She said the area had been reported for non-permitted land use and action is yet to be taken.
“I also submitted a petition to council late last year and I will also take the petition to the liquor board.
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“Underage children go to these clubs,” she said.
“There are drugs and the noise is also a big problem.”
Owner of three clubs in the area, Memos Kavallineas, however, said that every club in the area had been zoned correctly.
Kavallineas has been operating in the area since the 1980s.
“I have taken it up with the liquor board and the SAPS as well,” he said.
“Every club has a licence and is zoned correctly.
“At times, people walk up and down the area and it is lively.
“Students love this place and during the weekend they come here to have fun and relax.
“I know the university does not like that; they did not like [Hatfield] Square either, but is that fair?”
Kavallineas said he was also worried about crime in the area.
“We are doing everything in our power to ensure the area is safe,” he said.

“We are working closely with Hi-Risk Unit private security company to increase patrols in the area for the safety of the people who come here for entertainment.”
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He also said the clubs had stringent security measures.
They do not allow underage children to enter as they require an ID from every person who comes in.
“We also spent thousands of rands to make sure the clubs are soundproof and there is no noise.
“We are trying our best to operate within the law and ensure we keep nearby residents happy.
“We can be careful – but anything can happen.”
The area has also become a hotbed for crime as thieves and robbers plague the area, according to police spokesperson Captain Colette Weilbach.
This as the area is increasingly being plagued by crimes such as robberies, theft out of motor vehicles and theft of motor vehicles, among other things.
“Since the beginning of the year, a number of young people and students fell victim to crime in the area,” she said.
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