Three-day workshop to help ‘Shape Durban’

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Phoenix Durban

eThekwini Economic Development Committee councillors (ECOD) at a Shape Durban workshop discussing growth priorities for the city.

To stave off risk to economic growth, plans are afoot for the city to embark on measures to meet economic challenges head-on as it is competing for growth both nationally and globally.
The Economic Development Cluster of eThekwini Municipality has started the process of developing a partnership aimed at coming up with a joint plan of action for the next five years.
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As part of the strategy development process, the City will host a three day workshop/conference themed, Shape Durban, at Durban’s International Convention Centre from Wednesday, November 21 to Friday, November 23.

The conference will be co-hosted by the municipality, the Global Shapers Community – Durban Hub, the Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry and various other key economic influencers. Those that are keen to add their expertise are welcome to contact the municipality in order to partner.
This will be the platform to discuss strategic priorities and milestones for the 2019-2025 accelerated and inclusive growth path, which is fundamental for economic growth.
The organisers are calling on key influencers and shapers in the eThekwini economy to work together towards creating an economic strategy that changes the growth path of the city.
Partnering in this process means to work as a co-owner with the city and various other national and local organisations towards a common goal.
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The key objectives in co-creating this economic action plan are to develop a platform for joint action among partners to achieve economic growth and transformation, to clearly define the youth’s role in the growth of the city, to get the municipality and the partners to have strategies that are collaborative towards shared goals and exploit synergies, and to foster a sense of a ‘shared future’ between eThekwini and all its partners.
The conference will evolve through a dialogue structured around key themes and focus on building consensus on what needs to be done, which will set the framework for the next five years.
The conference is an innovative way of co-creating an action-orientated strategy.

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