Three learners arrested for selling live ammunition on school premises | Westside Eldos

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Three learners arrested for selling live ammunition on school premises | Westside Eldos

Eldorado park Johannesburg

Several bags of weed were found.

A recent Eldorado Park school search yielded shocking results. A joint operation between the Eldorado Park SAPS, Eldorado Park Local Drug Action Committee (LDAC) Task Team and the Eldorado Park Cadets lead to five learners being arrested.
On Tuesday, April 9, two schools within Greater Eldorado Park were raided and searched in hopes to start a culture of drug-free schools.
Anti-drug activist and founder of the Yellow Ribbon Foundation, Dereleen James said that the aim of the operation was to create safer learning environments and to provide assistance and support to learners already caught up in the web of addiction.
Weed found in a math set in one of the schools.
“The items that were confiscated included wine, dozens of cigarettes, knives lighters, matches, dangerous weapons and several bags of weed,” said James.

According to James, a total of 156 learners between the ages of 13 and 17 will be admitted into a rehabilitation program for using and abusing dagga and other illicit drugs. “We encourage parents to test their children on a regular basis,” said James.
A total of Five learners were arrested on the day. One learner was arrested for possession of a fake firearm.
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Three learners were arrested for selling live ammunition on school premises and One learner was arrested for dealing and possession of an illicit substance.
It is also alleged that a learner gave a firearm to someone who drove past the school in a red Audi. The allegation is currently being investigated.
The Eldorado Park Cadets are committed to serving the community and ensuring a drug-free Eldos will be achieved.
Wine, cigarrette’s, matches and weed were confiscated.
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