to go a National Strike / Go Slow. Members of the SA Police throughout…

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Phoenix Durban

S.A.Police to go a National Strike / Go Slow.

Members of the SA Police throughout the country are busy planning to either go on strike or a Go Slow.
This is after the Minister of Police Bheki Cele and the Commissioner of Police failed to apply their mind when it came to promoting certain members in certain
All Members of the Task Force and National Intervention Unit to be promoted to …Warrant Officer
TRT..Tactical Response Teams and Police officers guarding ministers to be promoted to sergeants.
The problem is some of them have as little as 2 yrs service whilst there are some members are serving more than 20 yrs in a rank and still not have been promoted.
Go to almost any police station you will find police officers with degrees that are being overlooked….yet there are some people who can’t put 2 words together to make a decent sentence and hold such high ranks.
Police officers working in the frontline services and at station level are being overlooked yet they work the hardest.
So residents please brace yourself for a bit of lawlessness and take the necessary precautions.
Please share this in a show of support to our local heroes.

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5 comments on “to go a National Strike / Go Slow. Members of the SA Police throughout…

  1. “Go slow” they already doing that for a while now. Nd strike for what they don’t do much work anyways

  2. Why paint the entire service with the same brush because of some rotten eggs. Armchair critics don’t and will not understand what a lot of our men and women in blue go through. Too good to criticize try putting yourselves in their shoes and then talk.

  3. On face value, it all appears to be a legitimate grievance. I agree that the patrol van driver and crew are at the forefront of danger. But here is the question, if these guys feel so strongly about it, why did they not join the STF, NIU or TRT? STF operators, once done with their advanced phases and two years in the unit, were promoted to WO some time ago. Why did these disgruntled officers then not go on Task Force selection? Any organisation in the world will always advance it’s most highly trained personnel. The SAPS is just trying to play catch up now. It’s also not true that all members from these units will be promoted to these ranks. It’s also not true that these are “high” ranks, they are still non commissioned ranks. Just a hypothetical question, does a Diploma or Degree teach one how to execute a hostage release for example. This is just my opinion based on my experience in the SAPS.

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