Tongaat detectives search for leads following discovery of woman’s half-naked body | Phoenix Sun

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Tongaat detectives search for leads following discovery of woman’s half-naked body | Phoenix Sun

Phoenix Durban

A case of murder has been opened for investigation at the Tongaat police station following the gruesome discovery of a woman’s half-naked body in a deserted house near Amanzimnyama Park, Tongaat, on Sunday.
While arrests have yet to be made, detectives are working around the clock to solve the case.
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Communications officer of Tongaat SAPS, Cpt Patrick Ngwane confirmed the incident.
“The victim was found naked from the waist down. No visible injuries could be identified and the cause of death is unknown at this stage,” he said.
The victim was 23-years-old. Her family were informed of the tragic incident.
Cpt Ngwane felt it extremely vital to offer the following tips, which members of the public are urged to adhere to at all times.
“Members of the public should never walk around alone and talk to strangers. They should always be on the lookout for strange cars or people. Walking on well-lit busy streets and in a group, is advisable,” he said.

Community members need to make sure that their homes are secure as well.
“Residents should always let someone know where they are going, how long they will be gone for and always think twice before posting about their absence on social media. Criminals also have access to Facebook and Twitter,” Cpt Ngwane cautioned.
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He further informed members of the public to know all emergency numbers and trust their instincts.
“Also, avoid going onto a congested street where you cannot walk properly. This is where you will find criminals pick-pocketing. Please avoid displaying valuables where criminals can see them. This is very important to remember,” he added.
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