Transportation minister calls photo radar a ‘cash cow’ – CTV News

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Transportation minister calls photo radar a ‘cash cow’ – CTV News

CTV Edmonton

Printed Thursday, February 21, 2019 11: 24AM MST

Final Up as much as now Thursday, February 21, 2019 7: 14PM MST

The Alberta authorities is taking steps to substantiate describe radar is now now not being ancient as a revenue-producing instrument.

“Describe radar operations must contribute to important traffic safety outcomes, be pleased reducing collisions and saving lives,” said Transportation Minister Brian Mason.

The transportation minister released the outcomes of a see on Computerized Site visitors Enforcement (ATE) in the province on Thursday.

In step with the document, Alberta has the ultimate “intensity” of ATE exhaust. Despite that, collision rates be pleased decreased at identical ranges to other jurisdictions.

The document presentations a puny contribution to traffic safety alongside with a 1.4 per cent overall reduction in collisions and 5.3 per cent reduction in crucial or lethal crashes.

“Though the impact on safety used to be relatively puny, it used to be accurate. The conclusion that I drew from that’s that if it’s now not being deployed factual now to maximize safety, we could well perhaps perchance salvage even better outcomes if we insisted that or now not it be accomplished in that components,” said Mason.

It additionally suggests extra data is required from municipalities to elaborate the exhaust of describe radar and the blueprint in which it contributes to safety.

Because of this, the authorities will implement changes to ATE exhaust in Alberta.

“We are updating the provincial describe radar guidelines to provide the course and clarity that municipalities and police agencies need in elaborate to point of curiosity on safety,” Mason said.

Adjustments embrace prohibiting the exhaust of describe radar on excessive-lumber multi-lane roads, except there’s a documented traffic safety field.

“In elaborate for you to place describe radar in a neighborhood to lend a hand safety and you’re going to also repeat over time that you just’re accomplishing that draw, be pleased your boots. I won’t stand for your components. But whilst it’s likely you’ll well perhaps perchance also’t repeat that, and if it turns out that in fact you’re correct raking in the dough, now not allowed.”

It is additionally prohibited in transition zones and municipalities will most certainly be required to post data about describe radar areas and rationale every month.

Passe traffic enforcement is aloof allowed in locations the achieve ATE is now not.

“Passe lumber enforcement, that’s there’s a cop in the lend a hand of a radar gun, we’re now not touching that, they can put that anyplace they wish,” Mason said.

Radar is additionally allowed in college, playground and constructing zones.

The recent guidelines steal draw on June 1, however Mason said the lumber traps or “fishing holes” doubtless won’t disappear abruptly. The authorities will work with municipalities and police agencies over the next one year.

“We are in a position to be working with them to trace the effectiveness of their areas and the achieve their areas perchance don’t lend a hand traffic safety very powerful, however generate a amount of revenue we’re going to expose them to slay.”

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