Tristan determined to win Mr Kwazulu-Natal pageant

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Tristan determined to win Mr Kwazulu-Natal pageant

Phoenix Durban

The 22-year-old Mr KwaZulu-Natal finalist, Tristan Shyle Moodley.

“There is no such thing as losing, you either win or you learn,” said Tristan Shyle Moodley, current Mr KwaZulu-Natal 2019 finalist.
The confident Moodley still has his eyes on the title despite not claiming the crown of Mr India South Africa 2018. He said, “My hunger for success to empower the youth of today is what drives me to achieve greater heights.”
The 22-year-old holds a BSc degree in Computer Sciences and has a goal of putting technology to a better and more positive use. He believes that the science of today is the technology of tomorrow.
Moodley was placed as a finalist in the Mr KwaZulu-Natal pageant which will be held at the Chantelcler Hotel on March 30.
The Mr/Miss/Mrs KwaZulu-Natal is a philanthropic pageant run by the Role Models Foundation in search of individuals with leadership skills, who wish to make a positive difference in their community.
His modelling career started off from the tender age two, modelling for The Hub, Glamour models and later on many other agencies.
He appeared in many magazines and advertisements. He also holds a black belt in karate and has obtained his protea colours. Moodley is thankful to his parents for instilling in him great value and morals, especially letting him drive forward his dreams and goals.

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The talented youngster believes in giving back to the community and is part of the Rotaract Club of Verulam. Tristan has a burning drive in him to build up the youth by empowering and motivating them.
His love for children has also given him an aim to reduce child trafficking by giving power talks.
The Role Models Foundation team endeavours to present fair, honest, exceptional and extravagant events in the community while striving for excellence.
Tristan entered the Mr KwaZulu-Natal pageant to use as a platform to empower youth by using the skills that he was taught in the Mr India South Africa competition.
He is thankful to Danny Moodliyar, owner of Mr India South Africa, for developing him into the gentlemen he is today. Moodley is a hardworking, dedicated and persistent young lad who lives in Verulam. He describes himself as a go-getter.
Moodley has been described by his friends and family as loving, caring, ambitious, considerate, exuberant, persistent, reliable and witty. Many can sit back and hold onto that title or they can go out there and make use of it.
That is why he is determined on winning the Mr KwaZulu-Natal 2019 competition. “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and then shows the way,” he said. You can follow his journey by visiting his blog:


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