Tuesday’s weather: Fine and warm across most of the country

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It will be fine and warm in most parts of the country on Tuesday, with cloudy weather expected over the coast.

Extremely high fire danger conditions are expected over the central parts of the North West and Free State provinces, according to the South African Weather Service. 

The weather in your region.

Gauteng is expected to be fine and warm, with a high UVB sunburn index expected.

It will be fine and warm across the western half of Mpumalanga, otherwise partly cloudy to cloudy and cool with morning drizzle and fog patches along the escarpment.

It will be fine and warm, but cloudy in the east of Limpopo in the morning with fog patches and morning drizzle, becoming partly cloudy and cool.

In the North West temperatures are expected to be fine and warm, becoming partly cloudy in the east from the afternoon where it will be windy.

The Free State can expect warm weather in the north-east, otherwise fine and cool, becoming partly cloudy and windy in the east from the afternoon.

It will be fine and cool in the north-east and extreme north of the Northern Cape, but frosty in places over the interior. The wind along the coast will be fresh to strong southerly.

In the Western Cape, there will be frosty areas over the interior at first, otherwise fine and cool becoming cloudy to partly over the south-western parts, spreading to the south coast by evening. The wind along the coast will be fresh to strong north-westerly along the southwest coast, but light to moderate in the south. It will be moderate southerly along the west coast. The expected UVB sunburn index is low

It will be partly cloudy and cold, but cloudy and cool with isolated showers along the coast in the western half of Eastern Cape, while in the western half it will be cloudy with isolated rain along the wild coast and adjacent interior, otherwise partly cloudy and cool.

KwaZulu-Natal will see morning fog over the interior and showers in the east, otherwise cloudy and cool but cold in the south-west. It will become partly cloudy in the west by the afternoon. The wind along the coast will be a moderate southerly to south-easterly, becoming easterly to north-easterly by the afternoon. The expected UVB sunburn index is low

Temperatures in your city:

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