Two pensioners tied up and robbed in Glenanda

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Two pensioners tied up and robbed in Glenanda

Phoenix Durban

ROBBERY VICTIMS: Peter and Anne Matthews.

TWO pensioners from Glenanda sustained injuries and were traumatised at their home after three robbers tied them up and robbed them, on Sunday morning, February 3.
In the driveway of their house, around 8.45am, Peter (85) and Anne (82) Matthews were approached by three robbers, one of whom was armed with a pistol, just as the husband and wife were about to leave in their car.
SORES: As Peter rolled on the ground with his wrists and ankles tied, he got quite a few sores and bruises on his legs.
The robbers commanded Peter to go inside the house and disarm the alarm so they could snatch any money that was being kept on the property. Peter obeyed, afraid that they might shoot him, although he told them they did not keep any money at home.
The robbers tied Peter and Anne up by their wrists and ankles, using wide, blue cable ties, and stuck buff tape over their mouths. They then proceeded to rob the couple of their cellphones, watches and R400 from Peter’s wallet.
They did not steal anything from the house.
The robbers then fled, leaving Peter and Anne writhing on the ground, tied up and unable to call for help. Peter was inside the house, and Anne was outside.
SORES: As Peter rolled on the ground with his wrists and ankles tied, he got quite a few sores and bruises on his legs.
“I kept biting the tape over my mouth for nearly an hour, until it opened enough to let me scream out,” said Peter. “After rolling on the ground over and over again, sustaining bad scratches and bruises along the way, I eventually managed to free one of my fingers and loosen the tie from my wrist. I was then able to help Anne and myself and get help.”
Peter expressed his disappointment in their security company.
“As soon as I disarmed the house alarm, the company was supposed to call me and ask for my phone number,” explained Peter.
“They did call my cellphone, but obviously one of the robbers picked up. The company did not ask for my phone number as they were supposed to.

“A security guard showed up while Anne and I were tied up, and the doors to our house were also wide open, but he just left again on his merry way.
“He was of no help at all. I don’t understand how the security company could not realise something was wrong.”
The supervisor of the company apologised profusely and promised them a “blue box”, whereby the security company and other close family members have secure access to the house in case of similar future emergencies.
“Those robbers had better not make the mistake of robbing us again, because next time we’ll be better prepared,” said Peter.
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