UPDATE: Westbury mother killed in crossfire, child wounded

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Eldorado park Johannesburg

The lifeless body of a 45-year-old woman lies in the alley.

A man has been taken in for questioning and is under police guard in hospital after a mother and her daughter were shot in Tambokie Court this afternoon.
The pair were on their way home from Coronationville when they were caught in the crossfire of a shooting.
Provincial Spokesperson, Colonel Lungelo Dlamini was at the scene and said:
“At about 12.40pm three people were allegedly shooting at each other and during the shooting a woman who was passing by was shot and killed. Her child was also shot and injured.”
The 45-year-old woman died on the scene and her child was rushed to hospital.

Police have detained a man suspected to be involved in the shooting. He was injured in the gun battle and is under police guard in hospital.
“The allegations are that the man in hospital was one of the people who were shooting but we haven’t found a firearm. We have detained him for questioning.”
Dlamini is hopeful the man will give police information on the men involved in the shooting. He added police did not know the motive of the shooting.
There have been messages circulating that a 3-year-old girl was also shot dead, however the Colonel confirmed this was not true.
SAPS Provincial Spokesperson, Lungeli Dlamini at the scene
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