Varsity student sues his mother for R14,655 a month

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A university student from Johannesburg is suing his mother for R14,655 a month to cover the cost of his living expenses such as groceries, studies, medical aid and pocket money.

“I recently had a nervous breakdown after all the drama,” his mother told the Afrikaans Sunday newspaper Rapport.

The first-year student, according to his mother, did not try to obtain a bursary and lives with his father.

His mother said she earns R27,000 a month before deductions and had “no idea” why her son believed she could afford to pay him more than R14,000 a month. She currently pays R3,000 a month towards his expenses.

The student is seeking payment for, among other things:

  • R3,404 a month for hostel fees
  • R3,000 a month for groceries, food and personal care
  • R500 a month for pocket money, plus R500 for holidays and relaxation.
  • R620 a month for clothes; and
  • R2,200 a month for tuition.

The student declined to comment to Rapport. His father said: “All I can say is that I support my son in his case.”

The student allegedly told his mother that she had supported his older brother as a student and he expected her to do the same for him.

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